The Who - Tommy

The Who: Tommy, Conclusion and Demos

Episode 12

Episode date - December 21, 2018

How Music Changed

    This show is a simple but important one in the Who’s history. The album “Tommy” not only salvaged the Who’s career. It made them millionaires and superstars.

    It provided the band with a live project that reinvigorated the band and gave singer Roger Daltrey an identity that stuck for the rest of his life. They may have created better work, but none can compare to the influence and impact of “Tommy”.

    Featured tracks include;

    There’s a Doctor

    Go to the Mirror

    Tommy Can You Hear Me

    Smash the Mirror


    Miracle Cure

    Sally Simpson

    I’m Free


    Tommy’s Holiday Camp

    We’re Not Gonna Take It

     Miscellaneous demos, including

    • I Was
    • It’s a Boy (demo) 
    • Christmas (demo)
    • Pinball Wizard (demo)
    • Dream One
    • The Hawker 
    • Success 
    • Trying to Get Through

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