John Entwhistle

The Who: Side Projects

Episode 25

Episode date - March 22, 2019

How Music Changed

    1972 melted into 1973 with little new product from the Who, which left the bandmembers free to pursue individual projects.

    Both John Entwistle and Roger Daltrey used the opportunity to record solo albums, while Keith Moon reveled about in his new home. After releasing his own solo record (featured last week), Pete Townahend organized a concert to help lift Eric Clapton back into the public eye after an extended bout of heroin addiction. Also, all of the bandmembers contributed to a full orchestral version of  “Tommy”.

    Meanwhile, he also started to form ideas for the band’s next album project.

    Featured tracks include;



    Overture from ‘Tommy’ (Orchestral version)

    It’s a Boy

    Apron Strings – John Entwistle

    One Man Band – Roger Daltrey

    You Are Yourself- Roger Daltrey

    It’s a Hard Life- Roger Daltrey

    Giving It All Away – Roger Daltrey

    Bottle of Red Wine – Eric Clapton (Rainbow Concert)

    Gimmie That Rock and Roll – John Entwistle

     Long Live Rock (demo)


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