AHN — Music History That Isn't

American Hit Network is the archival website for WHPC's (90.3 FM) semi-weekly radio show, American Hit Radio.

This non-commercial radio series is based upon author, Thomas Ryan's 1995 book, "American Hit Radio: A History of Popular Singles From 1955 to the Present". It features reviews of popular and under the radar albums from the earliest days of musical recordings to the present day , albeit a focus trained on the classical artists during the golden years of Rock 'n Roll.  

The underlying mission of American Hit Radio is to help educate listeners of all ages as to the where our music has taken us in the last half-century, what we have left behind, what persists, and why. 

American Hit Radio is a vivid cultural history of the American psyche, and is just one of many great shows offered at 90.3FM. Please show your support for our show by making a contibution here: https://www.ncc.edu/studentlife/whpcradiostation/whpc_donate.shtml

Thank You and Keep On Rockin'!