The Who - Quadrophenia Tour

The Who: Pete’s Next ‘Big Idea’

Episode 26

Episode date - March 29, 2019

How Music Changed

    With the soaring success of “Who’s Next”, the Who had some time to relax a bit, but Pete stayed hard at work writing songs and developing his concept for the band’s next album.

    After the debacle of “Lifehouse”, he felt compelled to keep things a bit simpler. I’m not sure if a storyline about a teenager with four distinct personalities would be considered ‘light fare’, but after “Tommy” and “Lifehouse”, it seemed almost simple in comparison. It also gave the band a chance to play with their legacy as Mods. A few of Pete’s compositions didn’t make the final cut, so we spend some time with a few of the rare demos from this period.

    Featured tracks include:

    Cut My Hair (demo)

    Sea and Sand (demo)

    Get Out and Stay Out


    We Close Tonight

    You Came Back

    Get Inside

    Joker James


    Variations on Dirty Jobs

    Quadrophenia – Four Overtures

    Love Reign O’er Me

    Unused Piano

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