Roger Daltrey - Avenging Annie

The Who: Playing Second Fiddle

Episode 31

Episode date - May 3, 2019

How Music Changed

    In his autobiography, Pete Townshend refers to this era of the band’s career as a time when “The Who were suddenly playing second fiddle to the individual pursuits of the band’s members.

    Based on the last show and this one, there is plenty of evidence to prove him correct. Luckily, Pete kept himself mostly focused, holding the band together with his songwriting and dedication to band over other pursuits.

    Featured tracks include:

    Get Your Love – Roger Daltrey

    Oceans Away – Roger Daltrey

    Born to Sing Your Song – Roger Daltrey

    His Hands – Pete Townshend

    Sleeping Dog – Pete Townshend

    Dreaming from the Waist (live) – The Who

    My Wife (live) – The Who

    Parade – Roger Daltrey

    Avenging Annie – Roger Daltrey

    Squeezebox (demo) – Pete Townshend

     No Way Out (demo) – Pete Townshend

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