RThe Who - Who Are You?

The Who: The Beginning of the End – “Who Are You?”

Episode 34

Episode date - May 24, 2019

How Music Changed

    1977 was a very unproductive year for the Who, so when they reconvened to record their next album, they had found that quite a few things had changed, none for the better.

    From the outside, the music scene had changed drastically (just as Pete Townshend had predicted), and the new punk rock scene left the band feeling like dinosaurs. The second major change was internal. Keith’s time spent in California had drastically changed his physical and mental condition, and it became quickly obvious that his talent had waned considerably. His paunch was so large that, for the album cover, the band needed to use a photo that had Keith backwards on a chair, to hid his midsection.

    Much was different. Now, the question was “Could the Who survive”? At the time we didn’t realize that the question was much more literal than intended.

    Featured tracks include:

    The Music Must Change (demo)

    Sister Disco (demo)

    Who Are You (demo)

    No Road Romance

    New Song

    Had Enough


    Guitar and Pen

    Love Is Coming Down

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