The Who: Goodbye, Part 2

Episode 43

Episode date - July 26, 2019

How Music Changed

    With the passage of time, it slowly became apparent that the Who didn’t really break up, or end their association with one another. True, they all pursued solo projects, but each project delivered diminishing returns, at least in regard to public interest.

    After a while, it must have become quite obvious to the (ex?) bandmembers that the Who name was a cash cow that could not be ignored. The band’s audience made it plain that they craved to hear the classic tunes, not new solo projects, so Pete, Roger and John would regroup and play live. At first, it was for Live-Aid, a charity that generated lots of money for the cause, and renewed public interest in the band’s unique brand of ‘classic’ rock. In 1989, they mounted a full-on tour of England and the Americas. Despite their dissolution, the Who were still very much a part of pop culture.

    Featured songs (all by The Who, unless indicated otherwise) include:

    Face the Face – Pete Townshend

    A Friend Is a Friend – Pete Townshend


    Rough Boys

    English Boy – Pete Townshend

    Let’s Get Pretentious – Pete Townshend

    Outlive the Dinosaur – Pete Townshend

    Now and Then – Pete Townshend

    The Kids Are Alright (Bridge School Benefit)

    Channel 150 - The Who