Pete Townsend - Face The Face

The Who: Goodbye, Part 1

Episode 42

Episode date - July 19, 2019

How Music Changed

    The Who must hold a world record for announcing their dissolution and subsequent reformation.

    On the one hand, the band seemed anxious to part and get on with their separate lives, but then seemed equally desperate to reform and cash in on the value of their name – not that I could blame them. This show captures the era after the band’s first ‘official’ break up. It has Roger Daltrey releasing a pair of mediocre solo albums, and Pete Townshend careening in so many directions that he was hard to see. Oddly, John Entwistle remained quiet for a long while.

    Featured tracks include:

    Dirty Water - Pete

    Parting Should Be Painless - Roger

    Long Live Rock (with reprise)

    After the Fire – Roger

    Give Blood – Pete

    Brilliant Blues – Pete

    Hiding Out – Pete

    Crashing By Design – Pete

    White City Fighting – Pete

    Face the Face (live) – Pete

    After the Fire  - Pete

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