The Rolling Stones - Undercover

The Rolling Stones: Undercover

Episode 39

Episode date - June 6, 2014

How Music Changed

    By the mid-eighties, it started to feel as though the wheels were falling off of the wagon for the Rolling Stones.

    It’s funny that a band could have survived all of the insanity that this band did, including numerous drug busts and even death, only to be derailed by a lack of proper communication. By this time, Mick and Keith were living in completely separate worlds, and their ability to bond while writing suffered for it.

    Somehow, they still managed to yield a fairly decent album from the morass, albeit a fairly tough one, with a boatload of graphic and disturbing imagery. It was called “Undercover”, and this show features the highlights from that disk.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Twenty Flight Rock (live)

    2) Going to a Go-Go (live)

    3) Undercover of the Night

    4) She Was Hot

    5) Tie You Up (The Pain of Love)

    6) Too Much Blood

    7) Pretty Beat Up

    8) Too Tough

    9) All the Way Down

    10) It Must Be Hell

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