The Rolling Stones - Stripped

The Rolling Stones: Stripped

Episode 43

Episode date - July 4, 2014

How Music Changed

    In 1995, The Rolling Stones decided to take a unique twist on the ‘Unplugged’ phenomenon. Rather than tape a live concert with acoustic guitars before an intimate audience, the band decided to pull together a variety of live performances from shows and augment them with new studio recordings of older material, all done without overdubs. It was a simple and effective concept, and it gave new life to some of their older songs.

    Until now, we’ve tried to avoid most of the repetition in the Stones catalog, but this album gives a chance to recap some of their better songs without sounding too redundant. To augment the “Stripped” tracks, we throw in a few B-sides as well.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Jump on Top of Me

    2) I’m Gonna Drive

    3) Street Fighting Man

    4) Like a Rolling Stone

    5) Not Fade Away

    6) The Spider and the Fly

    7) Wild Horses

    8) Let It Bleed

    9) Little Baby

    10) Live with Me

    11) Gimme Shelter

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