The Rolling Stones - Steel Wheels

The Rolling Stones: Steel Wheels

Episode 41

Episode date - June 20, 2014

How Music Changed

    When “Steel Wheels” was released in 1989, it was seen as a comeback of sorts for the Rolling Stones.

    Their previous output was both sporadic and unusual for the band, and Mick Jagger’s solo career (followed eventually by an album from Keith Richard as well) led many to think that the band might have finally reached the end of its run. When Jagger’s solo efforts failed to make any significant impact, though, an obvious truth arose from the ashes – the public was not particularly interested in solo Stones. They wanted the full package. So, the past half-decade was swept under the rug and the band attempted to move forward.

    The results weren’t spectacular, but “Steel Wheels” was the group’s most cohesive record since “Tattoo You”. It is also the first time that they actually sounded like a band. By all accounts, the band could have easily broken apart at this juncture, but the success of “Steel Wheels” gave them the strength to reunite, and its success is likely the one of the reasons that the band still exists today.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Mixed Emotions

    2) Terrifying

    3) Hold On to Your Hat

    4) Blinded By Love

    5) Rock and a Hard Place

    6) Almost Hear You Sigh

    7) Slipping Away

    8) Sad Sad Sad (live)

    9) Highwire

    10) Sex Drive

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