The Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

The Rolling Stones: Emotional Rescue

Episode 37

Episode date - May 23, 2014

How Music Changed

    With the fear of Keith’s potential incarceration behind them, the Stones reconvened to make an album as successful as their previous release (“Some Girls”).

    They accomplished their goal, as the album topped the charts in both the U.S. and the U.K. immediately after its release. Radio loved the album as well but in truth, “Emotional Rescue” was ‘Some Girls Lite’, recycling many of the song ideas and style from the previous landmark record. It definitely was not a bad album, but it suffered simply because it wasn’t quite as good as its predecessor.

    There was still plenty to enjoy, and we feature those tracks in this program, including;

    1) Dance, Pt. 1

    2) Summer Romance

    3) Send It to Me

    4) Let Me Go

    5) Where the Boys Go

    6) Emotional Rescue

    7) She’s So Cold

    8) All About You

    9) If I Was a Dancer (Dance, Pt. 2)

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