The Rolling Stones - Tatoo You

The Rolling Stones: Tatoo You

Episode 38

Episode date - May 30, 2014

How Music Changed

    Twenty years into their career, the Rolling Stones still sounded vital. “Tattoo You” was an excellent album, comparable to some of their best work, so it was even more surprising to learn that the album was mostly thrown together from leftover tracks from previous sessions.

    The album only came into existence because the band planned a world tour and wanted to have some new product to promote. Their schedule didn’t allow time for writing and recording new material, so they scoured through boxes of recordings that remained unfinished or neglected.

    Stunningly, they found enough material to make a near-perfect album, with a rocking side and a mellower, more contemplative side. It continued the band’s streak of #1 albums since ‘71’s “Sticky Fingers”, but it would be the band’s last album to chart at the top spot.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) Start Me Up

    2) Hang Fire

    3) Slave

    4) Little T&A

    5) Black Limousine

    6) Neighbors

    7) Worried About You

    8) Tops

    9) Heaven

    10) No Use in Crying

    11) Waiting on a Friend

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