The Rolling Stones - Some Girls

The Rolling Stones: Some Girls - Part 2

Episode 36

Episode date - May 16, 2014

How Music Changed

    ?Soon after its release, “Some Girls” rose to #1 in the U.S. and quickly became the best-selling album in the band’s career.

    Both commercially and artistically, the album was an unqualified success. As it turns out, the punk bands that were razzing the Rolling Stones for being obsolete rock and roll dinosaurs found themselves eating the band’s dust, as punk failed to catch on with the general public and faded away from the mainstream.

    The Stones beat them at their own game and now, could rightly claim that they were ‘the best rock and roll band in the world’, and certainly the most popular.

    ?Featured tracks include;

    1) Far Away Eyes

    2) Respectable

    3) Before They Make Me Run

    4) Beast of Burden

    5) Shattered

    6) Everything Is Turning to Gold

    7) Do You Think I Really Care

    8) No Spare Parts

    9) Miss You (12” Disco Mix)

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