The Rolling Stones - Shine a Light

The Rolling Stones: Shine a Light

Episode 47

Episode date - August 8, 2014

How Music Changed

    This will absolutely be the last time…

    After 47 shows, we are wrapping up our coverage of the history of the Rolling Stones by featuring tracks from Martin Scorsese’s retrospective concert film, “Shine a Light.” Of course, the story does not necessarily end here. For instance, since the film, the band has released nearly a dozen live concert performances. You can take it from here, if you wish to go further.

    Meanwhile, we kiss off the Stones with the following;

    1) Jumpin’ Jack Flash

    2) Shattered

    3) As Tears Go By

    4) Some Girls

    5) Champagne and Reefer

    6) Tumbling Dice

    7) You Got the Silver

    8) Sympathy for the Devil

    9) Live With Me

    10) Start Me Up

    11) Brown Sugar

    12) Doom and Gloom

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