The Rolling Stones - Dirty Work

The Rolling Stones: Dirty Work

Episode 40

Episode date - June 13, 2014

How Music Changed

    When the album “Dirty Work” was released in 1986, the situation between the Rolling Stones was worse than ever. In reality, they were hardly a band at all.

    Mick Jagger decided to focus a good deal of his energy on a solo career, which incensed the other band members, most notably Keith. The two could barely have a civil conversation, and would rarely even work in the studio together. It was shades of the Beatles’ “White Album”, but with less inspiration.

    The material was good enough, but for the Rolling Stones, that was hardly an endorsement. The recrimination and anger worked itself into the song lyrics, but instead of energizing the band, it made them sound stiff and unwieldy. From the inside, it looked like the beginning of the end.

    Featured tracks include;

    1) One Hit to the Body

    2) Fight

    3) Harlem Shuffle

    4) Too Rude

    5) Dirty Work

    6) Had It with You

    7) Sleep Tonight

    8) Fancy Man Blues

    9) Cook Cook Blues

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