Laughin’ Louie

Louis Armstrong: 'Transition Period'

Episode 10

Episode date - January 15, 2010

How Music Changed

    Part 10 in our series covering the music and life of Louis Armstrong covers a period of transition in Louis’ life. Any musician’s life can be hard, especially if you divide most of your time between touring, performing and recording.

    As an American Black man touring the country in the pre-civil rights era, the difficulties were nearly insurmountable. Add in crooked managers, various mob interests who would just as soon you dead than alive, and the worst economic depression in recent history, and you quickly realize that we can’t really begin to imagine Armstrong’s state of mind during this period.

    If you were to judge the times solely by his recorded output, Louis seems eternally happy, self-satisfied and generally pleased with the state of the world. He single-handedly took it upon himself to make others feel good, at a time when feeling good was not an easy thing to accomplish.

    Here are song selections featured in this program;

    1) I’ve Got the World on a String

    2) I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues

    3) Medley of Armstrong Hits (Part 1)

    4) High Society

    5) Honey, Do!

    6) Hustlin’ and Bustlin’ For Baby

    7) Laughin’ Louie

    8) Song of the Vipers

    9) Sweet Sue, Just You

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