Louis Armstrong - Ambassador Satchmo

Louis Armstrong: Ambassador Satchmo

Episode 18

Episode date - March 12, 2010

How Music Changed

    For our 18th episode covering the legendary life and music of Louis Armstrong, I allow renowned journalist Edward R. Murrow do most of the narration for me.

    This is an era when Louis Armstrong’s artistic and social relevance begins to become common knowledge, and his status as a demi-god in the world of jazz history starts to solidify. There’s plenty of information here, and plenty of great music to support the accolades.

    Tracks include:

    1) High Society Calypso

    2) Edward R. Murrow Narration

    3) (Back Home in) Indiana

    4) Narration

    5) Royal Garden Blues

    6) Paris Interview

    7) Narration

    8) Louis on King George VI

    9) Sly Mongoose- Louis in Africa

    10) (What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue

    11) Narration

    12) St. Louis Blues (Concerto Grosso)

    13) Narration

    14) Louis Giving Advice

    15) Now You Has Jazz

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