Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: The Mid 1950's

Episode 17

Episode date - March 5, 2010

How Music Changed

    In the mid-fifties, Louis Armstrong was fighting for relevance with the music cognoscenti, and ultimately, he won.

    At first, it looked like Louis may become a footnote during the 1950s, but by 1955, he released one of the decade’s most essential LP albums, and even coaxed a hit single out of a dark German Music Hall number.

    Time tried to march on without Louis, but he simply did not let it happen that way.

    Songs from this show include:

    1) Otchi-Tchor-Ni-Ya

    2) The Dummy Song

    3) The Whippenpoof Song (or ‘The Boppenpoof Song’)

    4) The Gypsy

    5) St. Louis Blues

    6) Beale Street Blues

    7) Honeysuckle Rose

    8) Mack the Knife

    9) Tin Roof Blues

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