Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong: The Musical Genius

Episode 19

Episode date - March 26, 2010

How Music Changed

    When we started this series dedicated to the musical genius of Louis Armstrong, I’d bet that you figured the show would taper off toward the end, and we’d either rush through his later years, or the show might suffer from a lack of worthy material.

    This show belies any such opinion. I will go so far as to say that virtually every track featured in today’s program is the definitive version of that song, by ANY artist, in ANY era. The music is just that good.

    I will admit that I did not foresee the likelihood of more than twenty episodes when we began. Now that I am digging deeply through Louis’ catalog, each era opens up before me to display hidden works of genius that defy my ability to comprehend how one man could stay so active for so long, while his artistry never ceases to amaze.

    For shear diversity alone, Louis Armstrong is something of a miracle. His ribald and energetic early work stands in a class all its own. This show also proves that he could also be sublime, when the situation allowed. There’s truly beautiful music in here, including;

    NOTE – All tracks are credited to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, Unless indicated otherwise;

    Isn’t This a Lovely Day

    Moonlight in Vermont

    Can’t We Be Friends

    They Can’t Take That Away from Me

    The Nearness of You

    Intro / Gully Low Blues (Louis Armstrong)

    Intro / I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Louis Armstrong)

    Autumn in New York

    Channel 13 - Louis Armstrong