Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: The Dawn of the Sixties

Episode 21

Episode date - April 9, 2010

How Music Changed

    As the sixties dawned, Louis fought to retain some semblance of relevance, even though his health conspired to make it even more difficult for him than it was for most others.

    In the midst of what could be described as the most culturally tumultuous decade in American history, it appeared that Louis was destined to become an anachronism. Then a miracle happened.

    Here are the songs featured in this show;

    1) I Love Jazz

    2) The Five Pennies Saints

    3) Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen

    4) Sweet Georgia Brown

    5) Drop That Sack

    6) Dardenella

    7) They Say I Look Like God

    8) Duke’s Place

    9) The Beautiful American

    10) Be My Life’s Companion

    11) Hello, Dolly!

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