Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: The War Years

Episode 14

Episode date - February 12, 2010

How Music Changed

    This show covers Louis Armstrong’s career during the War Years, so by necessity, recorded evidence –from a recording studio – is slim. The war itself provided plenty of distractions, but the era coincided with a strike by the AF of M, which promptly put about 8,000 musicians out of work.

    As usual, it had its share of personal turbulence as well, seeing Louis divorce his third wife, while settling in with his fourth (and final) wife, Lucille. At this point in time, manager Joe Glaser decided to present Louis as a novelty act more than as an innovator. A lesser artist would have crumpled, but Louis had personality to spare, and he brought life to even the most mundane material.

    Songs from today’s show include;

    1) W.P.A. (with the Mills Brothers)

    2) You Run Your Mouth, I’ll Run My Business

    3) Cut Off My Legs and Call Me Shorty

    4) Down n Honky Tonk Town

    5) Ev’rything’s Been Done Before

    6) I’ll Get Mine Bye and Bye

    7) When It’s Sleepy Time Down South

    8) Jack Armstrong Blues

    9) I Wonder

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