:Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong: More Genius

Episode 20

Episode date - April 2, 2010

How Music Changed

    For all intents and purposes, this show is really a continuation of the last show.

    It’s odd that the general consensus for Louis’ output during this era is that it is uninspired, as the recorded evidence proves that this is certainly one of the most creative eras of his entire life. Even with some serious editing on our part, it has taken two shows just to cover Louis’ output in 1957! There’s gold in here, so enjoy the show.

    Songs include:

    1) A Fine Romance – Louis and Ella

    2) I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket – Louis and Ella

    3) When Did You Leave Heaven

    4) That Old Feeling

    5) How Long Has This Been Going On?

    6) There’s No You

    7) Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails

    8) Stormy Weather

    9) You’re Blasé

    10) Summertime

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