How Music Changed Part 13-12

Louis Armstrong: Joe Glaser Comes A'board

Episode 12

Episode date - January 29, 2010

How Music Changed

    By 1937, Louis Armstrong’s career began to change significantly. His new manager, Joe Glaser, had begun to implement a number of maneuvers to increase Louis’ exposure, and in the process, his income.

    It was a long time coming, and it was wonderful for Louis to finally have some pocket money (he was only the most artistically important musician in the world at this time!), but the effect this had on his artistry (or his personal integrity) was much more ambiguous. Movies and radio were the two mediums that Glaser pursued, with mixed results. This how focuses on those results.

    Here are songs featured in this program;

    The Skeleton in the Closet

    Public Melody Number One

    On a Little Bamboo Bridge

    Sun Showers

    On the Sunny Side of the Street

    “Harlem” Radio Broadcast:

    • Program Intro
    • I’ve Got a Heart Full of Rhythm
    • After You’ve Gone
    • Pennies from Heaven
    • That’s What I Like
    • Darling Nellie Gray
    • Washington and Lee Swing
    • Fleischmann’s Yeast Commercial
    • Sign-Off Station ID

    Channel 13 - Louis Armstrong