Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield

The British Invasion: The Melding of Styles

Episode 22

Episode date - January 28, 2011

How Music Changed

    The further we progress with our timeline regarding British pop music, the harder it gets to discern what is truly ‘British’.

    Due to geographic relocations and the simple fact that British music had influenced virtually every aspect of American pop culture, American styles and British styles started resembling one another more and more.

    For example, hearing Dusty Springfield sing “I Only Want to Be With You” (from 1964) screams “BRITISH INVASION”, whereas “Son of a Preacher Man definitely does not. For that matter, does anybody even know that an English group performed “Build Me Up Buttercup”? The times definitely were a-changin’.

    Here are songs featured today;

    1) Hurdy Gurdy Man – Donovan

    2) Pictures of Matchstick Men – The Status Quo

    3) I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You – The Bee Gees

    4) Revolution – The Beatles

    5) Tuesday Afternoon – The Moody Blues

    6) Magic Bus – The Who

    7) Fire – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

    8) Those Were the Days – Mary Hopkin

    9) Kentucky Woman – Deep Purple

    10) Son of a Preacher Man – Dusty Springfield

    11) Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundation

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