A Groovy Kind of Love – Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders

The British Invasion: Groundwork for the Psychedelic Movement

Episode 12

Episode date - October 8, 2010

How Music Changed

    This series has proven to be quite educational, to me as much as anybody. For instance, my previous impression was that the British Invasion more or less began and ended in 1964. Obviously, not true, as this show adequately proves.

    Also, by listening exclusively to the British pop music from this era, you can recognize the ‘cross-talk’ that started to happen regarding musical influence. America’s fascination with British bands led to our own ‘garage band’ phenomenon, which in turn re-introduced the rawness that had been missing from rock and roll for years. This provided the groundwork for the psychedelic movement, and it could be argued that London was just as responsible as any American city for leading that trend. Yes, San Francisco had the Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape, but London had The Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and in the long run, can you argue which pair had greater artistic integrity?

    Here songs from this show, all taken from the pop charts in the Spring and early Summer of 1966;

    1) At the Scene – The Dave Clark Five

    2) Sign of the Times – Petula Clark

    3) A Groovy Kind of Love – Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders

    4) Leaning on the Lamp Post – Herman’s Hermits

    5) Shapes of Things – The Yardbirds

    6) Try Too Hard – The Dave Clark Five

    7) Paint It, Black – The Rolling Stones

    8) Paperback Writer- The Beatles

    9) Dedicated Follower of Fashion – The Kinks

    10) Wild Thing – The Troggs

    11) The Pied Piper – Crispian St. Peters

    12) You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield

    13) Rain – The Beatles

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