I’m a Man – The Spencer Davis Group

The British Invasion: Early 1967

Episode 16

Episode date - November 19, 2010

How Music Changed

    When we started this series, I originally considered ending with this show, which covers the earliest point of 1967. My original thought was that music had changed so much by then that the designation ‘British’ didn’t mean the same thing anymore – By 1967, what mattered was how ‘progressive’ and /or ‘psychedelic’ you were, not where you were from.

    Nonetheless, after reviewing the song list, ending in 1966 would preclude covering some crucial British bands that are seen as crucial to the British Invasion, such as the Who, and to a lesser extent, the Bee Gees and Procol Harum. Besides, I’m having too much fun with this series to stop now, so I’m going to take our coverage to the end of 1967….at least.

    Here are songs covered in today’s program;

    1) Niki Hoeky – P.J. Proby

    2) Ruby Tuesday – The Rolling Stones

    3) Penny Lane – The Beatles

    4) Strawberry Fields Forever –The Beatles

    5) This Is My Song – Petula Clark

    6) Detroit City – Tom Jones

    7) No Milk Today – Herman’s Hermits

    8) Release Me – Engelbert Humperdinck

    9) You Got What It Takes – The Dave Clark Five

    10) I’m a Man – The Spencer Davis Group

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