Love Is Like a Cigarette - Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington: The Influence of Irving Mills

Episode 8

Episode date - May 7, 2021

How Music Changed

    Duke Ellington certainly enjoyed the wealth and fame brought on by success, but he also wanted respect and the ability to pursue his artistic ideals as well.

    Irving Mills was the perfect manager for Ellington, because he recognized the value of promoting Ellington as a genuine artist. If it were not for Mills, record companies may not have allowed Ellington to indulge himself in non-commercial projects, such as extended pieces, but he ably convinced labels in the value of Ellington’s diversity.

    Featured tracks include:

    Accent on Youth

    Reminiscing in Tempo, Part 1

    Reminiscing in Tempo, Part 2

    Reminiscing in Tempo, Part 3

    Reminiscing in Tempo, Part 4

    I Don’t Know Why I Love You So

    Isn’t Love the Strangest Thing

    Clarinet Lament (Barny’s Concerto)

    Echoes of Harlem (Cootie’s Concerto)

    Trumpet in Spades (Rex’s Concerto)

    Love Is Like a Cigarette

    Oh, Babe! Maybe Someday

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