Ella Fitzgerald sings the Duke Ellington Songbook

Duke Ellington: Bring on the Stars

Episode 22

Episode date - August 13, 2021

How Music Changed

    As the ‘50s drew to a close, Ellington was still struggling to regain (or maintain) his relevance, even while his projects were consistently interesting, and often excellent.

    In this show, we focus on two specific projects. The first is the album where he backed Ella Fitzgerald on a triple album dedicated to his own songbook. The second is his first extended full-LP release of “Black, Brown and Beige,” featuring Mahalia Jackson. Pairings rarely get more interested than these.

    Featured tracks include:

    I’m Just a Lucky So and So

    Portrait of Ella Fitzgerald

    The E and D Blues

    Black, Brown and Beige, Part I

    Black, Brown and Beige, Part IV (Come Sunday)

    Black, Brown and Beige, Part V

    Blues in Orbit (aka “Tender”)

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