Stormy Weather - Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington: The Duke Goes International

Episode 6

Episode date - April 23, 2021

How Music Changed

    By the mid-thirties, Ellington’s impact became so ubiquitous that his reputation crossed the ocean.

    He was revered in England, and Ellington was stunned to see how the English music fans had accrued so much arcane knowledge about his songs. Free of the racial tensions that plagued America, it was apparent that the British judged Ellington by his talent and were obsessed with every detail about his catalog of songs.

    This show covers the year 1933, when he made his first overseas trip to perform in England.

    Featured tracks include:

    Creole Love Call (redone)

    Rose Room

    Blue Ramble

    Drop Me Off in Harlem

    Bundle of Blues

    Sophisticated Lady

    Stormy Weather

    Rude Interlude

    Harlem Speaks

    A Souvenir of Duke Ellington

    I’m Satisfied

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