Duke Ellington - Harmony in Harlem

Duke Ellington: Moving On Amicably

Episode 10

Episode date - May 21, 2021

How Music Changed

    As the 1930's drew to a close, so did Duke Ellington’s relationship with his manager, Irving Mills.

    They parted amicably, citing ’artistic’ differences for the split, which in this case was more or less true. Ellington wanted freedom to pursue his muse wherever it led, while Mills wanted Ellington to focus his energy entirely on commercial music. Ellington felt (correctly, as it turns out) that he could have it both ways, and the music from this show demonstrates Ellington reaching beyond the standard fare of the day. From here on, there were going to be some big changes.

    Featured tracks include:

    Harmony in Harlem


    Prologue to Black and Tan Fantasy

    The New Black and Tan Fantasy

    The Gal from Joe’s

    If You Were in My Place

    I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart

    Jeep’s Blues

    Rendezvous with Rhythm

    A Lesson in C

    I’m Slappin’ Seventh Avenue

    Rose of the Rio Grande

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