Don’t Get Around Much Anymore - Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington: A World Gone Mad

Episode 12

Episode date - June 4, 2021

How Music Changed

    As the 1940’s dawned, it seemed as though the world had gone mad. Good news was scarce, and yet somehow, Duke Ellington’s good fortune not only sustained itself but reached unimaginable new heights.

    He was now represented by the William Morris Agency, the largest and most prestigious organization of its kind in the world. He also found a sympathetic, kindhearted artist named Billy Strayhorn who could review and advise him on his manuscripts, and write a few amazing songs on his own, and last but not least, he added two new members to his band that raised the quality of their already phenomenal performance level. This show captures the aural sound of all that good luck descending on Ellington.

    Featured tracks include:

    Conga Brava

    Concerto for Cootie

    Cotton Tail

    Don’t Get Around Much Anymore



    Blue Goose

    Harlem Air Shaft

    At a Dixie Roadside Diner

    All Too Soon

    Rumpus in Richmond

    Sepia Panorama

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