Four Tops - Reach Out, I'll Be There

Transistor Days: Late Summer 1966

Episode 42

Episode date - October 9, 2020

How Music Changed

    The Summer of 1966 offered a staggering number of astounding hit records. By the end of that Summer, though, it was apparent that the music scene had changed considerably.

    It is worth noting that only one track from England appears in today’s show. America had reclaimed its own destiny, with new sounds emanating from a variety of sources and styles, and the artistry and imagination conveyed in the waning Summer months foretold of something magnificent. Indeed, it may have been the best time ever for listening to AM pop radio.

    Featured tracks include:

    ​Wouldn’t It Be Nice – The Beach Boys

    ​God Only Knows – The Beach Boys

    ​Summertime – Billy Stewart

    ​Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

    ​The Dangling Conversation – Simon and Garfunkel

    ​Reach Out I’ll Be There – The Four Tops

    ​Last Train to Clarksville – The Monkees

    ​96 Tears - ? and the Mysterians

    ​Psychotic Reaction – Count Five

    ​Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke

    ​What Becomes of the Brokenhearted – Jimmy Ruffin

    ​Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

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