Knock on Wood – Eddie Floyd

Transistor Days: Autumn 1966

Episode 43

Episode date - October 16, 2020

How Music Changed

    The pop juggernaut (I always dug that word) rolled on as the year continued. It seemed that things kept getting better and better and better, which seemed impossible in January, because pop music had seemed to peak in 1965.

    Instead, our culture pushed pop music to even higher levels of creativity and experimentation. After the heady years of ’64-’65, America had some catching up to do, and the trend of a revitalized American pop culture drove the quality of 45 RPM releases to new heights.

    Featured tracks include:

    Walk Away Renee – The Left Banke

    What Becomes of the Broken Hearted – Jimmy Ruffin

    Summer Wind – Frank Sinatra

    Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

    The Poor Side of Town – Johnny Rivers

    Devil with the Blue Dress Medley – Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

    Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby… - The Rolling Stones

    I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself – Dionne Warwicke

    You Keep Me Hangin’ On – The Supremes

    Stop! Stop! Stop! – The Hollies

    It Tears Me Up – Percy Sledge

    Knock on Wood – Eddie Floyd

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