Walking in the Rain – The Ronettes

The Girls Groups: The Ronettes Factor

Episode 5

Episode date - May 27, 2011

How Music Changed

    The Ronettes never had a number one hit - only one of their songs ever made the top 20 – and yet they may be the most important and influential girl groups of all time.

    Their image is indelible, and their catalog of songs has withstood the test of time as well as anything recorded specifically for the pop marketplace. In a series dedicated exclusively to the ‘Girl Group Sound’, this show is dedicated almost exclusively to the Ronettes.

    Songs include;

    1) Not Too Young to Get Married – Bobb B.Soxx & the Blue Jeans

    2) My Guiding Angel – Ronnie and the Relatives

    3) Why Don’t They Let Us Fall in Love – Veronica

    4) Be My Baby – The Ronettes

    5) Baby I Love You – The Ronettes

    6) The Best Part of Breakin’ Up – The Ronettes

    7) I’m So Young – The Ronettes

    8) Do I Love You? – The Ronettes

    9) Walking in the Rain – The Ronettes

    10) Is This What I Get for Loving You? – The Ronettes

    11) I Can Hear Music – The Ronettes

    12) River Deep, Mountain High – Ike and Tina Turner

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