Johnny Angel – Shelly Fabares

The Girls Groups: Solo Pioneers

Episode 6

Episode date - June 3, 2011

How Music Changed

    Our coverage of Girl Groups is one of the few topics we have discussed in the ‘How Music Changed’ series where we did not opt for a strict chronological approach. Our reasoning for this was that it would be easier to consolidate our coverage around specific artists, such as The Crystals and the Ronettes, because it would be easier to relate each story as a separate entity.

    For this show, we ignore chronology altogether, and in a sense, we ignore the very title of our topic, because we focus on individual women who were pioneers for what would ultimately evolve into the ‘Girl Group’ sound. We then cover a few solo artists whose styles fit perfectly into the Girl Group genre.

    Next show, it’s back to the groups, for today, here are the artists and songs we cover;

    1) I Gotta Know – Wanda Jackson

    2) Let’s Have a Party – Wanda Jackson

    3) Walkin’ After Midnight – Patsy Cline

    4) She’s Got You- Patsy Cline

    5) I Want to Be Wanted – Brenda Lee

    6) Break It to Me Gently – Brenda Lee

    7) Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool – Connie Francis

    8) Where the Boys Are – Connie Francis

    9) I’ve Told Every Little Star – Linda Scott

    10) Gee Whiz – Carla Thomas

    11) Johnny Angel – Shelly Fabares

    12) Bobby’s Girl – Barbara George

    13) I Know – Barbara George

    14) Party Lights – Claudine Clark

    15) Love Letters – Ketty Lester

    16) Johnny Get Angry – Joanie Sommers

    17) You’ll Lose a Good Thing – Barbara Lynn

    18) You Beat Me to the Punch – Mary Wells

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