Maybe – The Chantels

The Girls Groups: Late 50's, Early 60's

Episode 2

Episode date - April 15, 2011

How Music Changed

    Some historians would lead you to believe that the girl group sound popped up almost out of nowhere in the year 1960.

    While it is true that virtually all early rock and rollers were male, there were still plenty of female singers, sister groups, and ‘mixed’ groups to set the scene. Add in the few innovators who predate the 1960 timeline, and you have a viable history. This is our second show dedicated to the history of the girl group sound, and we start this show around 1957, eventually finding our way to the early sixties, when the girl group sound reigned supreme.

    Songs from today include;

    1) Mr. Lee – The Bobettes

    2) Born Too Late – The Poni-Tails

    3) Maybe – The Chantels

    4) Down the Aisle of Love – The Quin-Tones

    5) Come Softly to Me – The Fleetwoods

    6) The Three Bells – The Browns

    7) Pineapple Princess - Annette and the Afterbeats

    8) Angel Baby - Rosie and the Originals

    9) I Met Him on a Sunday – The Shirelles

    10) Dedicated to the One I Love – The Shirelles

    11) Will You Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles

    12) Mama Said – The Shirelles

    13) Playboy – The Marvelettes

    14) Beechwood 4-5789 – The Marvelettes

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