East St. Louis Toodle-oo - Duke Ellington

Duke Ellington: The Early Years

Episode 1

Episode date - March 19, 2021

How Music Changed

    With this show we start a brand-new series, one that I have been looking forward to (and preparing) for almost a year now.

    I think it would be virtually impossible to exaggerate the importance and influence of Duke Ellington on contemporary music. His status as one of the single most important musical innovators of the 20th century cannot be questioned.

    Here, we take a look at the Duke’s earliest years, from his childhood in Washington DC to his eventual arrival In New York City.

    Featured tracks include:

    Soda Fountain Rag (Swing Session)

    Rainy Nights

    Birmingham Breakdown

    Immigration Blues

    The Creeper

    Song of the Cotton Field

    East St. Louis Toodle-oo

    Black and Tan Fantasy

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