The Who - Endless Wire

The Who: The End(less Wire)

Episode 45

Episode date - August 9, 2019

How Music Changed

    It sure took us long enough to cover the entire history of The Who (45 hours!), but we feel that the time was well spent, covering a ‘classic’ rock band that often broke the mold of what that meant.

    Pete Townshend has certainly become much less prolific in the past decade, and it’s hard to say if he will ever decide to pick up the pace again, but he and Roger are currently touring, which shows that there is still some life left in the band. After 55 years, we certainly could not ask for more.

    Featured tracks include:

    Old Red Wine


    A Man in a Purple Dress

    God Speaks of Marty Robbins

    It’s Not Enough

    Unholy Trinity

    Uneasy Street

    How Can I Help You

    Be Lucky

    We Got a Hit

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