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Summer 1973

Episode date - July 10, 2013

The Time Was

    I talk a lot about how great the albums were in 1973, but if you look at the releases from a few major players, their releases tell a different story.

    1973 was decidedly NOT a classic year for ex-Beatles, or Bob Dylan, or Aretha Franklin. Mostly, 1973 was a year of transition that seemed to make a few old-timers look like they were treading water while the rookies started to take over.

    Here are a few album selections from July 1973 that may (or may not) make that point;

    Take Me to the Mardi Gras – Paul Simon (“There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”)

    American Tune – Paul Simon – Paul Simon (“There Goes Rhymin’ Simon”)

    Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper (“Billion Dollar Babies”)

    Generation Landslide – Alice Cooper (“Billion Dollar Babies”)

    Give Me Love – George Harrison (“Living in the Material World”)

    Big Barn Bed – Paul McCartney (“Red Rose Speedway”)

    Somewhere – Aretha Franklin (Hey Now Hey (Other Side of the Sky)”)

    Billy 4 – Bob Dylan (“Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid”)

    Waiting for the Bus – ZZ Top (“Tres Hombres”)

    Jesus Just Left Chicago – ZZ Top (“Tres Hombres”)

    Lively Up Yourself – Bob Marley & the Wailers (“African Herbsman”)

    Small Axe– Bob Marley & the Wailers (“African Herbsman”)

    Starship Trooper – Yes (“Yessongs)

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