The Flying Burrito Bros. -The Gilded Palace of Sin

The Flying Burrito Bros. - The Gilded Palace of Sin

Album #60 - February 1969

Episode date - October 18, 2017

The Alternative Top 40

    Looking back, it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when country music was not an integral part of rock and roll music, but in 1969, the two styles of music represented ideologies that were poles apart. Rock and roll belonged to rebellious youth, while country music was firmly held in place by Nashville’s old guard. Each style had a contingent of fans that deeply mistrusted the other, so all attempts by Gram Parsons and his bandmates to bring these disparate opinions together were usually met with skepticism.

    “The Gilded Palace of Sin” was never a big seller and must have been perceived as a failed project, but its influence lingers, and ultimately, it did accomplish exactly what the band had hoped for. Today, we take it for granted that ‘country’ and rock and roll’ are as compatible as peanut butter and jelly. The ingredients for that perfect pairing can be found inside this album.

    Featured tracks include;

    Christine’s Tune

    Sin City

    Do Right Woman

    Dark End of the Street

    My Uncle



    Hot Burrito #1

    Hot Burrito #2

    Do You Know How It Feels

    Hippie Boy

    February 1969 - Billboard Charted #164

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