Fools Rush In – Tommy Dorsey Orchestra w/Frank Sinatra

Radio Days: Into the 40's We Go

Episode 9

Episode date - October 11, 2019

How Music Changed

    As the ‘40s progressed, the United States found one crisis fading while another even worse crisis developed overseas. Just as the country seemed to be getting a handle on the economic downturn of the ‘30s, a European World War was spreading like wildfire. U.S. involvement seemed imminent, but even at the end of 1940, some hope lingered that we would not be drawn in to the cataclysmic maelstrom that surrounded us.

    Over the radio, FDR delivered “fireside chats” to the American people, while a steady stream of ever more sophisticated programming delivered news, comedy, drama, mystery, and most of all, music.

    Featured songs include:

    South of the Border – Shep Fields

    When the Saints Go Marching In – Louis Armstrong

    Whispering Grass – The Ink Spots

    Maybe – The Ink Spots

    Tuxedo Junction – Glenn Miller Orchestra

    I’ll Never Smile Again – Tommy Dorsey Orchestra w/ Frank Sinatra and the Pied Pipers

    Fools Rush In – Tommy Dorsey Orchestra w/Frank Sinatra

    Frenesi – Artie Shaw

    Body and Soul – Coleman Hawkins

    I’m Beginning to See the Light – Harry James Orchestra w/ Kitty Kallen

    Laura – Woody Herman Orchestra

    Linda – Ray Noble & His Orchestra

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