Bob Dylan 1980's

Bob Dylan: The Late 80's

Episode 16

Episode date - August 31, 2007

How Music Changed

    The late eighties may not have contained Bob Dylan’s most influential work, but it still has significant points of interest. It is also marked by drastic extremes in his relative popularity.

    Dylan’s solo records from this era are among the worst-selling collections of his career and yet, simultaneously, his collaboration albums (as The Traveling Wilburys) marked the best-selling record of his entire career up to this point in time. In the late eighties, collaboration was the name of the game for Dylan, so this program also acknowledges his tour partners, including as live album featuring the Grateful Dead.

    Here’s a list of songs from today’s show;

    You Wanna Ramble

    Got My Mind Made Up

    Brownsville Girl


    Had a Dream Bout You, Baby

    Rank Strangers to Me

    Dirty World

    Tweeter and the Monkey Man

    If You Belonged to Me

    Queen Jane Approximately

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