Bob Dylan - Desire

Bob Dylan: Desire

Episode 13

Episode date - August 14, 2007

How Music Changed

    In 1976, Bob Dylan once again found himself in the center of a flurry of activity. Perhaps motivated to keep himself distracted from the emotional difficulties of his impending divorce, or maybe events just started to steamroll on their own, but for the first time in ten years, Dylan was releasing albums at a steady pace, touring, and, in a manner similar to his mid-sixties tours, filming the process.

    This time, though, he added a surreal slant to the proceedings. The tour, known as ‘The Rolling Thunder Revue’, had the trappings of a traveling circus, with Dylan performing in the center ring with famous bandmembers such as Joan Baez and Rambling Jack Elliott putting on a sideshow of sorts. The film crew captured the spontaneous energy of these performances, and then bent the proceedings through a prismatic lens (so to speak) that eventually resulted in a meandering, Fellini-esque 3-hour mock docudrama entitled “Renaldo and Clara.”

    After the Rolling Thunder tour, Dylan continued working at a steady pace. He put together yet another band, recorded another album’s worth of tunes, and toured again, this time documenting the results on a double album recorded in Japan. It would be Dylan’s third live album in five years, and from an artistic perspective, easily the most suspect. In a show that came to symbolize the end of an era, Dylan appeared as the final ‘special guest’ at the Band’s farewell concert, documented in film by Martin Scorsese and on a triple album, both entitled “The Last Waltz.”

    Here is a list of songs featured in this program;

    Romance in Durango

    Isis (live)

    Hurricane (live)

    Black Diamond Bay

    Changing of the Guard

    Going, Going, Gone (live at Budokan)

    Baby, Let Me Follow You Down (live)

    I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Met) (live)

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