Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die

Traffic: John Barleycorn Must Die

Album #100 - July 1970

Episode date - February 27, 2019

The Top 500 of The Top 40

    Traffic was never destined to be a supergroup. The main reason for this was their inability to stay together in a predictable form.

    The original band (with Dave Mason) lasted only two years (and 2 ½ albums, since “Last Exit” was thrown together with remaining tracks and a side of live recordings). Somewhat ironically, Winwood then drifted into the supergroup Blind Faith (with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker) for one record and a tour before it fell apart after six months.

    Left to his own devices, he started working on a solo album, until he recognized that he had a good, sympathetic relationship with his ex-bandmates (less Mason). Reunited as a trio, they pursued a sound that balanced their jazz leanings with the then-current penchant for folk tradition, and the result is arguably what now stands as the most consistently satisfying album of their career. At the time, all money was on Mason for developing his career with longevity and consistency, but Mason’s career dissipated after five more years, while Winwood and Traffic remain extraordinarily relevant, due mostly to the success of “John Barleycorn Must Die”.

    Featured tracks include;


    Freedom Rider

    Empty Pages

    Stranger to Himself

    John Barleycorn Must Die

    Every Mother’s Son

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