Stephen Stills

Stephen Stills: 'Stephen Stills'

Album #119 - November 1970

Episode date - July 3, 2019

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    As the ‘60s rolled to an end, few artists were at the top of their game more than Stephen Stills.

    His every move was anticipated by the rock cognoscenti who came to think of Stills as the engine driving a new style of American rock and roll, based on deep understanding of blues and folk tenets, often mixed into a gumbo that suggested a familiarity with jazz as well as Hispanic, Texas and ‘Country’ styles. It seemed as though he could do anything, and with ease, which may explain why his first album was not lauded as an instant classic. For some, the impression was as if he barely had to try to make a great record, even though his debut utilized every touchstone of his strengths.

    All these years later, it is easy to se this album as a stunning amalgam of styles, all emanating naturally from one source. The album’s hit single, “Love the One You’re With” felt a bit strange at the time, taking the ‘free love’ ideology of the ’60 s and expressing it perhaps a bit too literally, but now it’s easy to hear this song as the first salvo of the ‘70s “Me Decade” mentality. Even when courting controversy, Stills was ahead of the curve.

    Featured tracks include:

    Love the One You’re With

    Do for the Others

    Church (Part of Someone)

    Old Times Good Times

    Go Back Home

    Sit Yourself Down

    To a Flame

    Black Queen


    We Are Not Helpless

    No Name Jam (with Jimi Hendrix)

    November 1970 - Billboard Charted #3

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