The Kinks

The Kinks: Kinda Kinks

Channel 149-6

Episode date - November 10, 2017

How Music Changed

    Like an band suddenly thrust into the limelight, the Kinks found themselves overwhelmed by the sudden rush of attention. Each ember dealt with it in distinctly different ways.

    The brothers, Ray and Dave Davies had particularly opposed perspectives. Dave acted as though he needed to ‘get in’ as much of the rock and roll style as he possibly could, probably presuming that it would not last, while Ray remained aloof and distrustful of the whirlwind that surrounded him.

    The band was rushed through an international tour, and then thrust into the studio to bash out a second album. Ray in particular was less than happy with the final product, believing it deserved more attention than the label and his managers allowed. A perspective was starting to form in Ray’s mind that would eventually color not only his attitude but also his songwriting.

    Featured tracks include;

    Clay Cole Meets the Kinks

    Got My Feet on the Ground

    You Shouldn’t Be Sad

    Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy

    Dancing in the Street

    Who’ll Be the Next in Line

    Set Me Free

    Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight

    Such a Shame

    Naggin’ Woman

    I Need You

    Don’t You Fret

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