Kokomo - The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys' Later Years

Episode 8

Episode date - December 7, 2007

How Music Changed

    Depending on your perspective, it could be considered either funny or sad to refer to this show as “The Beach Boys’ Later Years.” A simple look at the timeline explains why.It took us a full seven shows to cover one decade of recordings, and today we attempt to summarize the last 35 years, in one show.

    It is true that the number of quality recordings gradually slowed down to a paltry rate, but there was still enough going on to keep the band in the public eye. For better or worse,, the Beach Boys spent most of the past 3 ½ decades as “America’s Band,” which is to say, an oldies act. There have been a few bright moments – and plenty of weird ones, too – and we cover as mnay high points as we can fit into today’s program.

    Here’s our list of songs;

    1) All This Is That

    2) Sail On, Sailor

    3) California Saga/ California

    4) Rock and Roll Music

    5) Johnny Carson

    6) Solar System

    7) The Night Was So Young

    8) Beach Boys Medley

    9) H.E.L.P. Is on the Way

    10) Kokomo

    11) Love and Mercy – Brian Wilson

    12) Child Is Father to the Man - Brian Wilson

    13) Surf’s Up - Brian Wilson

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