Hooked on a Feeling – B.J. Thomas

From Memphis to Muscle Shoals: American Studios in Transition

Channel 148-19

Episode date - January 20, 2017

How Music Changed

    I think it was hard for most of the American staffers to believe that Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham were really leaving their employ. After all, they had played such a significant role as songwriters, studio musicians and producers, and yet remained so far in the background, that their influence seemed to be built into the very walls of the ramshackle space.

    Still in all, it wasn’t the first time that American saw some of its best talent moving on, and the mainstays of the Memphis Boys were still plugging away. Chips Moman and Don Crews still ran the place – sometimes with an aloof demeanor that annoyed the original players – while musicians Tommy Cogbill, Reggie Young, Bobby Emmons, Gene Chrisman and Mike Leech still reported to work, turning out hits like a wartime factory turning out rifles. In late 1968, this is some of the music that emanated from American Studios;

    1. Hooked on a Feeling – B.J. Thomas
    2. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling – Dionne Warwicke
    3. I’m Your Puppet – Dionne Warwicke
    4. I Don’t Want Nobody to Lead Me On – The Dynamics
    5. Soul Deep – The Box Tops
    6. I Shall Be Released – The Box Tops
    7. Sweet Cream Ladies – The Box Tops
    8. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show – Neil Diamond
    9. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond
    10. Holly Holy –Neil Diamond
    11. Spooky/Stormy/Traces – The Classics IV
    12. Games People Play – Joe South

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