The Kinks 1967

The Kinks: Oddities and Rarities

Channel 149-14

Episode date - January 5, 2018

In 1967, the Kinks were incredibly active in the studio, recording more songs than they could have used on their albums.

Sly and The Family Stone - STAND!

Sly and The Family Stone: STAND!

Album #71 - May 1969

Episode date - December 27, 2017

The face and sound of soul music changed irrevocably with this album.

The Who - Tommy

The Who: Tommy (Part 2)

Album #69 - May 1969

Episode date - December 20, 2017

Any good songwriter would tell you that you need an idea before you begin writing, and then you need the inspiration and the dedication (perspiration) to finish it.

The Kinks - Something Else - Part 2

The Kinks: Something Else (Part 2)

Channel 149-13

Episode date - December 29, 2017

Last show, we covered the first half of the album ”Something Else,” released by the Kinks in September 1967.

The Kinks - Something Else

The Kinks: Something Else (Part 1)

Channel 149-12

Episode date - December 22, 2017

As the Kinks approached the Summer of Love, their lyrics and music started to take on a decidedly English sound.

The Kinks - The Live Links

The Kinks: Live!

Channel 149-11

Episode date - December 15, 2017

Up until now, we’ve mostly covered studio recordings (and a few demos) released by the Kinks. In 1967, the band released an LP of live recordings to represent their raw, live sound.

The Who  - Tommy

The Who: Tommy (Part 1)

Album #69 - May 1969

Episode date - December 13, 2017

Few albums caused as much of a sensation – as well as consternation – as The Who’s “Tommy”.

The Kinks - Face to Face

The Kinks: Face to Face

Channel 149-10

Episode date - December 8, 2017

Ray Davies most certainly was a very complex personality.

The Kinks - Dedicated Follower of Fashion

The Kinks: Legal Wrangling

Channel 149-9

Episode date - December 1, 2017

The little known history of the Kinks betrays the band as a highly dysfunctional outfit that still somehow managed to make a seemingly endless stream of incredible music.

The Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino

The Sir Douglas Quintet: Mendocino

Album #63 - April 1969

Episode date - November 29, 2017

Some places can be easily identified by the music that is made there. Think Nashville, or Detroit, or Memphis, or San Francisco. The same can’t be said for Texas.